2 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Gravestones for Your Loved One

Funerals are never easy. Losing a loved one is hard and having to arrange for their final journey is even harder. One of the tasks you’ll be faced with is ensuring that your loved one has a headstone to mark their grave. This is a tribute to their life. It is therefore important to take some time to consider your choices. The biggest factor for many people when it comes to making a choice is the cost. While you ought to purchase a memorial that you can afford, it is also important to give your loved one a fitting tribute.

1. Type

There are different types or styles of memorials. The type you choose will influence the material of the headstone.
Upright – This traditional design is the most common choice. These are typically made from limestone, marble or granite. Their sizes vary depending on what you want for your loved one’s grave.

Flat tablets – These are becoming a popular choice too. They are laid in the ground and can either be raised and slanted from the top to the bottom or laid level with the ground.

Ledger markers – Also known as kerbed gravestones, they cover the full length of the grave. They are laid at ground level and are about 4 inches thick. They can be used in combination with the upright memorials.

Cremation memorials – While many people will opt to take the cremation remains of their loved ones back home with them, some may opt to have them remain at the cemetery. In this case, you may choose a headstone that is suited for cremation remains. Gravestones that are upright may have hollowed spaces to fit the cremation containers. These are usually made of granite. Benches may also have a base in which the cremation remains can be placed.

2. Materials
Different materials are used to make gravestones. The type of material you choose will affect the placement of the headstone as well as the design and visual properties.

Granite: this is the most popular material because of its adaptability and durability. It is also the most affordable choice and has the most traditionally appealing visual properties.

Limestone: This is not as durable as marble or granite. However, it is also commonly used as it allows for deep cuts for engravings.

Marble: this material is smooth to the touch and is considered more fragile than granite. It shouldn’t be used in areas where it can be exposed to water.

Bronze: This is becoming quite popular for its durability. It darkens over time and requires little maintenance. It is, however, more expensive than granite.

Take your time and consider various factors so that you can select a fitting memorial for your loved one.